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Who We Are

Our Company was started in 2003 by two individuals who have worked from their homes for various companies and then for themselves for over 10 years. We now have over 16 years combined telecommuting experience. Based on our experience we know what it takes to get Work From Home employment and keep it. We have realized that many people looking for work from home employment find it next to impossible to find legitimate sources of information about which companies hire people who work from home. We are dedicated to helping people of all walks of life find legitimate employment that they can do from the comfort of their home. We eliminate most of this time consuming task for you by providing you with excellent resources to help you secure a good job working from home.

We do not hide behind our website. A support number is displayed for our members or you can email us.  We can easily be reached to answer any questions that you might have.

Do I Have To Pay Any Start Up Fees To Work For Any Companies in Your Job Leads.

No! Our job is to continue to eliminate any companies that would require you to pay them any fees for employment.

Some positions require that you already have the proper equipment to perform the job, such as a computer, high speed internet, phone, typewriter, fax machine, software, etc.

In some cases the company that you work for may supply you with, or reimburse you for any needed hardware or software. This is something that is personally discussed between you and the company that you will be working for.

How Much Do Companies Pay Home Workers? 

These jobs pay the same as if you worked in an office for the same company. Some points to keep in mind are:

  • The type of pay that you receive depends on the type of work that you do.

  • People who work from home make the same if not more money than people who work in an office.

  • Independent contractors sometimes get paid more than employees because they don't receive employee benefits

  • So it all depends. Every company is different.

How Do I get Paid From A Company That Has Hired Me?

Home workers are usually paid in the same manner as in-house employees. The method of payment is discussed between you and the company that you work for. This may include direct deposit, PayPal or mailing your check directly to you.

Will A Company Hire Me If I Am Not Experienced?

Some companies do not require you to have experience. In these cases the company that hires you would usually provide training. Other companies will require you to have certain experience for the job position you are applying for. The Job experience necessary is determined by the company that you are applying to.

When Can I Start To Work?

Your start date will be agreed upon between you and your employer. You may find that certain companies will want to hire you immediately, and sometimes there will be a short wait before employment begins. We advise that you respond quickly to any offers to increase your chances of being hired for the position you are seeking.

Can I Work From Home For More Than One Company?

Most companies don't mind if you work for another company at the same time but it all depends on the schedule they give you and you also have to see the kind of work that is given. We know many who do. Use your own judgment on this. It may be also helpful for you to present this issue to your potential employer when you are being hired for the position.

What Hours Will I Be Expected To Work?

The hours you work depend on you and the company that you are working for. Working from home usually means that you can schedule your day any way you wish.

Does  Work At Home Agency Guarantee Me A Home Employment Job If I Use Your Services?

We do not guarantee you a job and we are not associated with any of the companies found through our service. We supply you with a very good service of work-at-home jobs being offered by other companies and we offer your tools to assist you in landing the job.

What Do I Receive From Work At Home Agency Once I become An Associate?

  • Work At Home Directory - The ultimate directory comes with complete access and up to date listing of companies offering work at home jobs.

  • Daily Work At Home Jobs Leads! - Apply online to current work at home/telecommuting jobs. We post the latest work from home job leads Monday - Friday and Weekends. We search and compile them for you so all you have to do is choose and apply! Sample of Jobs

  • Free Resume Review - Most of the companies want you to send them your resume as the first step of the job selection process. Now days, a good job offer attracts 1000ís of resumes. If you want to get selected for a job, you have to make your resume stand out from the rest. You have to get your resume read among the heap of other resumes. So, writing a good resume is a very very important first step when you want a job and Work At Home Agency is here to assist you.

  • Free Cover Letter Review - Many companies will ask for a resume and cover letter. We want you to have a strong introduction so they can then look at your resume and then best of all receiving that call from the company.

  • Tips and Tools landing That Job Position - Work At Home Agency  is here to provide our members with resources to landing their jobs. Many tips and tools are offered to help you in your search of working from home.

    We also educate you on:

    • Creating A Working Environment In The Home.

    • Some History About Telecommuting (working from home).

    • Do's and Don'ts of Resume and Cover Letter Writing

    • Tax Advice from our own TAX Expert (IRS Certified) on handling your work at home TAXES

    • Information On Telecommuting.

    • Information on Working and Living At Home.

    • Interested In A Business Opportunity? - How To Make That Choice

    • Making Money Online

    • and so much more!...

  • Helping you in this hurting economy, so we have some great perks for our Associates! We connect all our Associates with a Free Prescription CardFree Pet Prescription Card, Daily Freebies and many ways to save on your Gas, Groceries and things you do every single day.
  • Best of all our Support Line. We are here when you need us! Speak to a Live Person!

How Do I Become A Member Of Work At Home Agency?

Becoming a member is very easy. Work At Home Agency has a monthly membership of only $5.95.  We accept Papal. Credit card orders are processed and you have full access of our services. We have a secured site that is pass coded so only our members will have access to.  No refunds will be applied at anytime once membership is paid. We have no contracts so you can cancel at anytime.

and let us help you start your journey to working from home!

Why Do I have To Pay For Your Services?

Have you ever paid for a newspaper to search for classified ads?

Have you ever paid for a head hunter to find you a job or an employment agency?

Have you ever paid to have someone do your resume?

We here at Work At Home Agency do not get paid anything from these companies after they hire our members nor do we accept paid advertisements on our website - 100% Ad Free! So in order for Work At Home Agency to continue to provide our members with the daily work at home job leads and to support our team who we have hired and trained to do all the research and locating the Work At Home Jobs, we do need some type of contribution. It really takes months and months of research to locate the companies included in the directory. Most of the companies listed in the " Work At Home Agency Directory" can NOT be found on the internet and the Daily Work At Home Agency Job Leads that we research and compile for you everyday. Our services are truly worth so much more!

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